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Fountain of Youth

Posted: January 24, 2014
By: Drs Jacob & Laura Sims

Many Americans are very concerned with reversing the sands of time. If cosmetic sales are any indication, our culture is completely obsessed by the idea. In 2010, Americans spent more than $54 billion dollars to improve their looks in an attempt to look younger. Do you ever wonder what all those chemicals, dyes and packaging are doing to our bodies and the planet?

There is a better way. Scientists report that chiropractic adjustment is linked to a reduction in the amount of oxidative stress on the body. In layman’s terms, visiting your chiropractor is an all-natural form of treating signs of aging.

How does this happen? The human body is designed to rebuild itself from the damage it withstands. Kind of an “autocorrect” of sorts. Principled chiropractic adjustments help improve this ability.

The next time you are wanting to reverse the sands of time, consider unlocking your fountain of youth the natural way - make an appointment with a scientifically-based chiropractor. By removing the neurological interference, you’ll look and feel better.

More information regarding your body’s natural ability to look younger at any age can be found at: