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It is Not Just About the Spine

Posted: November 22, 2013
By: Drs Jacob & Laura Sims

It is common to think chiropractic care is only needed when the spine is irritated or feels out of alignment. We're here to tell you that chiropractic care is useful for so much more that that.

We have guided countless practice members with widely varying health issues such as allergies, ear infections, migraines, high blood pressure, and stress, into a lifestyle of health and comfort. We understand how the spine, the nervous system, and your body's innate ability to heal works and we get to the root of the issue.

Relief from illness, aches, and distress does not have to be temporary. We have heard from enough of our practice members to know that great results are possible. We want those same great results to happen for you.

Our aim of restoring health for our practice members is achieved by removing interference that is literally blocking your body from providing you with optimum health. Freeing up blockages in the system allows the body to heal naturally - without drugs.

Chiropractic care is not only for back or neck issues. This practice can rebuild strength in nearly any weakened area of the body. Learn more about us here:

Must the Body Break Down?

Posted: November 15, 2013
By: Drs Jacob & Laura Sims

Do you think it is inevitable for the body to slowly break down and become ill? We challenge that belief and ask you to consider a different way of thinking.

The vibrant and active lifestyle that you enjoy today can be the same vibrant and active life that you enjoy for years to come. Making yourself and your health a priority is the first step.

Natural, drug-free health care is not as difficult as some people might expect. By eliminating prescription drugs and using chiropractic care, the body begins to heal itself. This leads to increased energy, more movement and flexibility, a stronger immune system, and proper organ functioning.

When you visit Sims Chiropractic you will see for yourself the true benefits of chiropractic care, and how it enables you to live your fullest life. You deserve to have a life without pain or dysfunction. It IS possible to participate in your life with freedom from discomfort.  

Our modern and scientific techniques-combined with your positive outlook and commitment to health can make all the difference for you and for our community.

We encourage you to look at the possibility of taking control of your own health and wellbeing without the use of medicine. Our goal for you is to feel great, naturally, and stay that way. Contact our office today at 970-641-2818 or see


Should We Accept Pain?

Posted: November 14, 2013
By: Drs Jacob & Laura Sims

Startling fact: Over 30 million Americans suffer from discomfort at any given time.

Difficulty in managing discomfort and pain is the leading cause of disability worldwide. Not feeling great is so prevalent in our modern times that it's actually considered the norm!

Think about this for a moment. When we accept not feeling in prime physical condition all of the time, we are essentially saying “okay” to a life that is not reaching its full potential. We are saying “oh well, that’s life” to discomfort and condemning ourselves to a life full of chronic aches and pains.

The truth is that we should NOT be so accepting of a problem that affects our lives so deeply, especially when there is a solution.

The Root of Pain

Pain is a difficult concept because only you alone can feel it. The only way to describe it is by using words, which are a poor substitute for what you feel inside.

Pain is registered in the nervous system. The sensory nerves send impulses about what is happening in your environment to the brain via the spinal cord. The brain then sends information to the motor nerves to perform actions. Different sensory nerve fibers respond to different stimuli and create chemical responses which determine how the sensations are felt. Some nerves send signals for a light soft touch, others respond to deep or penetrating touch. This entire process happens in milliseconds.

The spinal cord is like the superhighway of the nervous system. It is comprised of a vast complex of nerves which transmit many different kinds of signals to and from the brain in every moment. When the brain receives the pain signal it gets filed into your brain’s “library” and a certain emotion becomes associated with that signal. This is a very simple explanation of course. The process gets more complicated because the pain that is occurring will affect surrounding areas, or other parts of the body system. If you are familiar with referring pain, this is such a case. The pain is actually pointing to another problem somewhere else in the body.

Where one area is suffering, other areas don’t function properly or reach their full potential either. Additionally, when you are feeling discomfort, your mental state is affected too. It is more difficult to concentrate and be present in your daily life.

As chiropractors, we believe that pain should not be assumed normal. We know there are options to relieve it and we can help you discover those options.

Balance in the Key

We too frequently forget the importance of balancing our physical and emotional well-being. We live in a fast paced, over stimulated culture and neglect our physical and mental needs. We easily go days or weeks without listening to the discomfort messages of the body. When we do finally realize that something is wrong we want the fastest remedy available such as prescription drugs. However, once the drug wears off, the cycle begins again.

By taking the time to get chiropractic corrective care you are taking the first step to achieving optimal health for you entire body. Imagine how good you will feel when you are able to live your life without dysfunction and stress. When our bodies are in balance we are able to enjoy the things that are truly important to us-our family, friends, activities, and hobbies.


Together we can determine the root cause of the dysfunction. We can offer long term solutions. If you are ready to live a life of balance and harmony-allowing your body to heal using its innate ability, call 970-641-2818, or contact us through our website at