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Jump In The Water Is Warm

Posted: February 28, 2014
By: Drs Jacob & Laura Sims

Are you new to chiropractic? If so, you’ve likely heard good things about it from friends and co-workers. However, you may still wonder if it is right for you. We understand your concern and applaud you for wanting to make an educated decision regarding your health. Both Dr. Jacob and Dr. Laura started their chiropractic journey by asking the same types of questions that you are likely asking.

We encourage you to do your research. You’ll learn that chiropractic is used for a wide range of conditions, ranging from basic back and neck problems, to more serious concerns like digestive, headaches, allergies and stress. The applications (and relief) are endless. Chiropractic is effective, practical, and provides better results than traditional medicine.

At Sims Family Chiropractic Care, we strongly believe that the body is meant to heal naturally. The following article from the American Chiropractic Association provides several examples of real-life applications of chiropractic adjustment. We hope you’ll find the article helpful:

When you are ready, jump on in — the water is warm!

Migraine Challenge

Posted: February 28, 2014
By: Drs Jacob & Laura Sims

Insanity: doing the same thing over and
over again and expecting different results.

-Albert Einstein

Anyone who has ever had a migraine knows how debilitating it can be. Unlike an everyday headache, migraines are extremely intense and may often linger for hours. Unfortunately, scientists don’t know the exact cause of migraines. However, research has shown that there are certain triggers that can cause blood vessel dilation in the brain, resulting in painful migraines.

We have a challenge for you. The next time you feel a migraine coming on, make an appointment to see your chiropractor as soon as possible. Unfortunately, doing what you’ve done in the past isn’t going to work. Medications might dull the pain, but they don’t get to the root cause of the problem.

A chiropractic adjustment will clear the interference and allow your body to heal from the inside out. To learn more about how chiropractic is improving migraine care, read the following article:

Chiropractic Health In Colorado

Posted: February 28, 2014
By: Drs Jacob & Laura Sims

Many people strongly believe that Colorado is one of the best places in the country to call home. There are many reasons for Colorado’s popularity, including: the beauty of changing seasons, seemingly unlimited days of sunshine, graduation rates, and overall health of residents.

At Sims Family Chiropractic Care, our goal is to make Colorado even healthier. In fact, our mission is to save Colorado one chiropractic member at a time so that our entire community is living natural, healthy drug-free lives. We hope that everyone in the Gunnison and surrounding areas will join us.

Dr. Jacob and Dr. Laura believe that the body is meant to naturally heal itself from the inside out. This is not going to happen by sitting and doing nothing, and it’s not going to happen by popping pills.

Too often, if we have discomfort or dysfunction, our first reaction is to “treat” it as quickly as possible so we can keep on moving through our busy lives. However, masking the problem isn’t a solution and will result in bigger issues down the road.

True healing works above, down and inside out. Through chiropractic adjustment, you can take complete control of your health and release the problems that are causing interference and dysfunction. Our approach to Specific Scientific Chiropractic Care has helped thousands of members regain optimum health and has allowed them to live drug-free lives. See what we can do for you and your family. Visit us online:

Ya’ Might Need A Chiropractor

Posted: February 13, 2014
By: Drs Jacob & Laura Sims

As chiropractors, we visit with all sorts of people every day. Some are longstanding practice members, and others are visiting for the first time and are just learning about chiropractic care.

For those that are new to our practice, we like to go through an orientation, of sorts. Our goal is to educate the Gunnison community on the many benefits of principled chiropractic care. While the art and science of chiropractic has been around for over 100 years, it is just recently reaching the masses in Western medicine. Why now? Educated people are becoming more interested in holistic and natural ways to care for their bodies.

To follow Jeff Foxworthy’s style, we thought it would be fun to put together a short list of reasons to visit, and visit often. We hope it’s helpful (and fun).

  • If you have asthma affecting your breathing, and your blocked airflow isn’t easing - it’s time to visit a chiropractor.
  • If your baby has earache pain, and you’re sleep-deprived/going insane - now would be a good time to bring your child to a chiropractor.
  • If you want to live interference free, and be the best that you can be - it’s time to see a chiropractor.
  • If blood pressure is causing you stress, and you are under duress - it’s time to call your chiropractor.
  • If you’re pregnant and want a natural birth, don’t wait until you’ve reached full girth - now would be a real good time to see your chiropractor.
  • If you feel great, and wish to continue in that state - it’s always time to visit your chiropractor.

As you can see, your overall health can benefit from a visit to your chiropractor. The benefits of natural chiropractic adjustment are endless.

To learn more about the science-based care provided by Sims Family Chiropractic, please visit:

4 Phases of Vertebral Subluxations

Posted: February 13, 2014
By: Drs Jacob & Laura Sims

Discomfort and health issues are usually the result of years and years of wear and tear on the body. Think about some of the stress we’ve caused: childhood bumps, scrapes, bruises and falls; years of physical impact on our joints; sitting for hours in front of a computer; lifting improperly; and emotional stress. Collectively, life just takes a toll.

The spine is like a super highway from the brain to the rest of the body. Over the years, our active (and even inactive) lifestyle can wreak havoc on our spinal nervous system. Any type of interference along the way and the body will dysfunction, causing various health issues.  The scientific name for this problem is called a vertebral subluxation.

It’s possible for vertebral subluxations to go unnoticed and ignored for many years, decades even. However, over time, the damage will get worse. It’s important to understand and be mindful of the warning signs. Here are the four phases of spinal subluxation:

Subluxation - Phase One

During phase one, there is often a change or loss of the curve in the neck as well as slight changes to the space between the discs of the spine. Unfortunately, all subluxation issues start with phase one, which can go undetected for up to 20 years. Ongoing visits to a principled chiropractor for regular adjustments are recommended to stop subluxation from reaching phase two.

Subluxation - Phase Two

Individuals with phase two begin to notice issues with discomfort, dysfunction and limited range of motion. By the time a person reaches phase two, their subluxation has gone on for 20-40 years. Over that time, the space between spinal discs has changed. Also, x-rays will show calcium deposits in the form of spurs or arthritis. Immediate care is needed at this point. Otherwise, degeneration will continue to lead to phase three.

Subluxation - Phase Three

Phase three occurs when problems have been left uncorrected for 40 to 65 years. The signs are the same as phase one and two -- however, more severe. By stage three, the curvature of the spine is noticeable because there is a significant decrease in the space between discs. There is also an advanced growth of calcium buildup. Unfortunately, individuals in phase three often have major restrictions in their range of motion as well as a great amount of discomfort. Finally, if this is not corrected, it advances to phase four.

Subluxation - Phase Four

By phase four, a subluxation has been left untreated for over 65 years. A person in this situation is in extreme discomfort and is unable to function well. Subluxation that reaches phase four likely results in a severe amount of nerve damage because little to no space remains between vertebrae, and the curvature of the spine or neck is completely changed.

As you might expect, individuals in phase four subluxation have an abundant amount of health issues. Unfortunately, complete correction may not be possible. However, adjustments should be considered to at least give some reduction in symptoms and discomfort.

Take Action Today

As you can see, subluxation is not something that you want to ignore. In fact, because some symptoms may appear invisible for years, it’s important to seek ongoing chiropractic adjustment. A chiropractor will carefully evaluate your body and provide appropriate adjustments that will keep you from moving down the chain of subluxation.

Make time to care for your spinal nervous system. Schedule an appointment with Sims Family Chiropractic Care today!

Ask The Experts

Posted: January 29, 2014
By: Drs Jacob & Laura Sims

When it comes to principled chiropractic care, there’s a lot to learn. Knowledge, as they say, is power. But what is the best way to learn more? There are a lot of resources available. However, make sure you are asking the right questions to people you trust.

For information on an array of topics related to chiropractic adjustment and its benefits, visit:

Some of the topics include:

  • Benefits for athletes
  • Cost-benefits vs. other choices
  • Why should children see a chiropractor regularly?
  • Benefits to expectant mothers
  • Benefits to seniors
  • Definition and risks of subluxation
  • and more!

An interactive slideshow with more helpful information can be found at:

Fountain of Youth

Posted: January 24, 2014
By: Drs Jacob & Laura Sims

Many Americans are very concerned with reversing the sands of time. If cosmetic sales are any indication, our culture is completely obsessed by the idea. In 2010, Americans spent more than $54 billion dollars to improve their looks in an attempt to look younger. Do you ever wonder what all those chemicals, dyes and packaging are doing to our bodies and the planet?

There is a better way. Scientists report that chiropractic adjustment is linked to a reduction in the amount of oxidative stress on the body. In layman’s terms, visiting your chiropractor is an all-natural form of treating signs of aging.

How does this happen? The human body is designed to rebuild itself from the damage it withstands. Kind of an “autocorrect” of sorts. Principled chiropractic adjustments help improve this ability.

The next time you are wanting to reverse the sands of time, consider unlocking your fountain of youth the natural way - make an appointment with a scientifically-based chiropractor. By removing the neurological interference, you’ll look and feel better.

More information regarding your body’s natural ability to look younger at any age can be found at:

The Truth About Alignment

Posted: January 19, 2014
By: Drs Jacob & Laura Sims

Many misconceptions continue to circulate regarding chiropractic care. Did you realize that chiropractic adjustment goes deeper than back or neck pain? Principled chiropractic care actually helps your overall health. At Sims Chiropractic, we believe in finding the root cause instead of simply treating the symptoms.

Consider this… Our spine is like a complicated array of wires in a computer’s hard drive. Our nerves serve as communication transmitters between our brain (or hard drive) and the rest of our body (monitor, printer, software applications). If our nervous system isn’t functioning properly we start to have health issues (computer slows down, crashes, won’t print, refuses to run software efficiently). These problems surface in the form of: backaches, digestive problems, leg cramping, migraines, or ear infections. Even symptoms of stress, allergies, and colds can be treated through spinal adjustments that release nerve interference.

One of the most inspiring aspects of regular and ongoing chiropractic care is that it releases the body’s natural, innate ability to heal itself. Much like the reset button on the computer will help optimize the machine’s performance, chiropractic adjustment will remove interference and improve your performance, health and quality of life.

If you are ready to improve your body’s performance the natural way, contact our office for a consultation. You’ll be happy you did!
Together we will develop a program specific to your body’s needs. Click here to find out what to expect on your first visit:

Dinner With Gunnison Doctors

Posted: January 19, 2014
By: Drs Jacob & Laura Sims

Most people will never have an opportunity to partake in a delicious meal with their doctor. However, Sims Chiropractic isn’t like other doctor’s offices. Dr. Jacob and Dr. Laura are fully invested in the lives of their practice members. So much, in fact, that “Dinner with the Doctors” is a regular opportunity.

Dr. Jacob and Dr. Laura enjoy hosting “Dinner with the Doctors” because the events provide a relaxed environment for them to share their passion for natural healing, answer questions, and discuss some of the best practices in principled chiropractic care. Practice members love these events because it’s a chance to invite other like-minded individuals to learn about the healing power of a well-adjusted lifestyle.

The December dinner was a great success! Guests filled up on a healthy and delicious array of holiday fare and had an opportunity to get to know our docs better. Both Doctor Jacob and Doctor Laura are passionate and well respected leaders in the Gunnison chiropractic community and they enjoy sharing their knowledge.

As principled chiropractors, both Dr. Jacob and Dr. Laura are constantly seeking better ways to help improve the lives of their practice members. The dinner provides a perfect opportunity for them to share this passion and knowledge with Gunnison community. We hope you will consider joining us at one of our future “Dinner with the Doctor” events.

The next dinner opportunity will be announced soon. Please keep an eye on our website for details. Space tends to fill up quickly so check back often as you’ll want to be one of the first to respond to secure your reservation.
In the meantime, we encourage you to schedule a consultation to discuss your health goals with Dr. Jacob or Dr. Laura directly:

Choose Health in 2014

Posted: January 13, 2014
By: Drs Jacob & Laura Sims

Happy New Year! It’s a wonderful time to ponder the possibilities for 2014. For our practice members, a new year confirms and refreshes an ongoing commitment to making healthy choices for the mind and body throughout the year. Health won’t happen by chance. Simply stated, health is a choice.

As principled chiropractors, we want to help the Gunnison community move past health issues, turn away from over medicating, and provide the opportunity for folks to transcend feeling “okay” by taking steps to feel fantastic! If you are ready to make health an intentional choice by committing to a proven process, we are here to partner with you on your journey.

Let’s face it, life can be stressful. Between work, family, commitments and finances - stress is bound to be part of the equation. One of the most important choices you can make in 2014 is to keep stress in check. Stress contributes to spinal subluxation - which leads to illness. Subluxation refers to the mechanical compression and irritation to the joints of the spine and nerves. Among other factors, subluxations are caused by trauma, poor posture, or increased chemical and emotional stresses. Stress can absolutely trigger a host of problems in the body. A regular visit to Sims Chiropractic can help.

Our practice members know that maintaining corrective care throughout the year is important for feeling their best. Why? Regular chiropractic adjustments normalize spinal nerve flow to proper resting levels. This is very important to the healing process. It’s a natural way to ward off the negative impact of stress on your system.

Subluxations manifest as physical stress on the mechanics of the body. They increase the sympathetic tone, and cause the body to re-route its energy toward the fight or flight system. (You know, the adrenaline-rush that comes from anger or fear? That is a physical symptom that your fight or flight system is taking over...) Ongoing chiropractic care can minimize this response.

With regular visits, practice members ward off the degenerative effects of spinal subluxations. Without ongoing adjustments, subluxations may lead to osteoarthritis and overworked adrenal glands, lowered immunity, decreased digestive functions, fatigue and blood pressure disturbances (among others). These are all solid reasons that practice members visit us regularly.

A new year is a great time to commit to improved health. In 2014, the best gift for you and your loved ones is to maintain optimal body structure. Taking proper care of your body helps extend longevity and enables you to fully enjoy your blessings and life.

As you consider your goals for 2014, remember that health is a choice. If you take care of your body’s structure, you’ll have more endurance for the workouts, more bandwidth for the work and family commitments, and more zeal to counteract your stress… Better alignment leads to better health. You’ll see the rewards in everything you do.

Practice Member Testimonial:

Before coming to Sims Chiropractic, I felt like fatigue and stress were normal. I felt run down. After regular chiropractic care, I feel better. I have a good vibe emanating out of me. Sims Chiropractic has been warming. Everyone is nice and I love it. I’m happy and Sims Chiropractic is a lot of the reason why. -Jackson

For more member testimonials, visit:
If you wish to learn more about how scientifically-based chiropractic care can improve your health in 2014, contact our office today! We are eager to help you on your journey: